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INCA 8V Remanufactured

The INCA 8V Violet Processor has proven itself with over 1000 installations worldwide.  It's a medium duty unit for various production environments (especially where a small footprint is required) including small print shops, internal printing plants, commercial print plants and small newspapers.  Available in one size, INCA 8V will accomodate plates up to a maximum of 824mm wide.

The INCA 8V is fully automatic in operation with a computer control system for all functions, fully flexible input of plate processing parameters from the operation screen and proven ease-of-use and maintenance.

The INCA 8V can be configured to include Direct-to-Drain or Recirculation Rinse, Online or Off line plate handling with a wide variety of platesetter interfaces available, a range of input and exit tables as well as a range of motorised input and exit tables.

INCA 8V Remanufactured