Other Services

Other Services

Additional support, service & expertise

As well as supplying the HEIGHTS range of new equipment, HEIGHTS USA, Inc. can offer a wide range of other services:

  • Factory OEM remanufacturing of used Flexo and Litho equipment, which is fully tested and shipped by trained technicians.
  • Demos and local training.
  • New equipment assembly, design and testing.
  • Sub assembly manufacturing and design.
  • Maintenance and service kits.
  • Installations, preventative maintenance service plans and extended warranties.
  • Import/Export services.
  • Quality Control inspections.
  • Customizations.
  • Electrical inspections, testing and harness assemblies.
  • Spare parts support, fulfillment operations and next day deliveries for critical parts.
  • Parts, sales, service and support for North and Latin America regions.

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